About Skale Money

Founded by Cosmas Mwirigi, a respected writer personal finance, Solar, SaaS, I-Gaming and digital marketing copywriter .

He has a degree in Business Administration and has worked as an accountant and Financial speacialist for EABL-DIAGEO

Cosmas founded Skale Money to provide reliable and insightful personal finance content.

Our mission is to help individuals make informed financial decisions through well-researched articles and expert advice.

Our Team

  • Cosmas Mwirigi: Founder and renowned writer with a degree in Business Administration.


  • Roselyn: CPA and financial expert, specializing in budgeting and personal finance strategies.


  • Lemuel: CPA with extensive knowledge in fintech and financial technology.


  • Paul: CPA and thought leader in personal finance, focusing on trending financial news and analysis.