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The 10 Best CRM for Service Providers in 2024

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As a service provider, having the right CRM (customer relationship management) software is crucial for staying organized, delivering great service, and growing your business efficiently. The best CRM for service providers allows you to manage customer information, schedule jobs, invoice clients, track employee time and more all in one centralized platform. When evaluating CRM options, here are some of the most important features for service companies to look for:

  • Job scheduling and dispatch capabilities
  • Mobile apps for technicians in the field
  • Invoice and payment processing
  • Customer communication tools like email/text notifications
  • GPS tech tracking and routing optimization
  • Reporting and analytics on jobs, revenue, tech performance etc.

Skale Money Key Takeaways

  • The right CRM software is crucial for service providers to manage customer information, schedule jobs, invoice clients, and track employee time efficiently.
  • Key features to look for in a CRM for service providers include job scheduling, mobile apps, invoice processing, customer communication tools, and GPS tracking.
  • Top CRM options for service providers in 2024 include Housecall Pro, Jobber, ServiceTitan, Salesforce Field Service, and Kickserv, each with unique strengths and limitations.
  • CRM solutions range from lightweight options for small businesses (like Acuity Scheduling) to comprehensive platforms for large enterprises (like ServiceTitan and Salesforce Field Service).
  • Implementing the right CRM can streamline operations, improve customer experiences, provide valuable insights, and ultimately drive more revenue and profit for service businesses.

With those needs in mind, here are 10 of the top CRM software picks for service providers in 2024:

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a top-rated CRM and scheduling solution designed specifically for home service companies like plumbing, HVAC, electrical, carpet cleaning and more. Its all-in-one platform aims to help service businesses boost efficiency and deliver excellent customer experiences.

Best Features

  • Optimized scheduling and dispatching capabilities
  • GPS tech tracking and arrival time notifications
  • Online booking and automated customer communications
  • Mobile apps for technicians in the field
  • Marketing and sales tools to grow your business


  • Best suited for residential home service contractors
  • Can be pricey for very small companies
  • Limited customization compared to more robust CRMs

Housecall Pro Pricing

  • $ 49 per month for the Basic plan
  • $ 129 per month for the Essentials plan
  • Ultimate plans for established and growing businesses


Jobber is a leading field service CRM used by over 100,000 small service businesses. Its user-friendly platform combines scheduling, client management, invoicing and other operational tools in one convenient place.

Best Features

  • Easy online self-scheduling for customers
  • Real-time job updates and tech tracking
  • Automated reminders and notifications
  • Mobile apps to manage jobs from anywhere
  • QuickBooks integration for seamless invoicing


  • Limited built-in accounting capabilities
  • Reporting tools could be more robust
  • Some advanced features require paid add-ons

Jobber Pricing

  • $49/mo for the Core plan Save $240 per year billed annually
  • $129/mo for the Connect plan  Save $480 per year billed annually
  • $249/mo for the Grow plan Save $1,200 per year billed annually


ServiceTitan provides a comprehensive, industry-specific CRM solution for residential home service contractors. Its robust platform covers operational needs like scheduling, dispatching and invoicing while also offering marketing, accounting, payroll and extensive reporting.

Best Features

  • All-in-one system to manage every part of the business
  • Custom reporting and business intelligence tools
  • Integrated call booking and marketing campaigns
  • Accounting, payroll and financial management capabilities
  • Customizable to each company’s unique workflows


  • Steeper learning curve than plug-and-play CRMs
  • Requires hands-on training and implementation
  • Higher cost, best for established service companies

ServiceTitan Pricing

  • $125 per technician/per month
  • $398 per month

Salesforce Field Service

Field Service by Salesforce is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based CRM solution designed for large, complex service operations. It seamlessly integrates with Salesforce’s extensive CRM capabilities.

Best Features

  • End-to-end service execution from call center to mobile workforce
  • Advanced scheduling and dispatch optimization
  • Asset maintenance and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity
  • Automated workforce processes and artificial intelligence
  • Integration across Salesforce CRM platform


  • Built for large organizations, too robust for smaller companies
  • Expensive solution with high implementation costs
  • Requires dedicated Salesforce partner for setup/training

Salesforce Field Service Pricing

  • €50 user/month or €20/login EUR (billed annually) for the Contractor plan
  • €165 User/Month* EUR (billed annually) for the Technician plan
  • €165 User/Month* EUR (billed annually) for the dispatcher plan


Kickserv is an emerging player providing CRM, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and payments for field service businesses of all sizes. Its standout features include optimized routing and the ability to sell products/services through its platform.

Best Features

  • Advanced route optimization and scheduling tools
  • Mobile payments and integrated product/equipment sales
  • Team management capabilities
  • QuickBooks, Xero, Google integrations
  • User-friendly interface and affordable pricing


  • Newer company with limited reviews/reputation
  • Third-party integrations still developing
  • Analytics and reporting tools could be more robust

Kickserv Pricing

  • FREE plan 2 users $ 0/mo
  • LITE plan 5 users $ 59/mo
  • STANDARD plan 10 users $ 119/mo
  • BUSINESS plan 20 users  $ 199/mo
  • PREMIUM plan Unlimited Users $ 299/mo


Workiz is a comprehensive CRM solution built specifically to meet the unique needs of field service companies. It combines scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, sales/marketing and mobile capabilities into one platform.

Best Features

  • Mobile apps to capture job details like locations, manuals and photos
  • Sales and marketing tools to book new jobs
  • Labor forecasting and management reports
  • QuickBooks integration for accounting/invoicing
  • Accessible through web, iOS and Android


  • Limited customer reviews compared to established CRMs
  • Can have a steeper learning curve for new users
  • Lacks some advanced reporting and BI tools

Workiz Pricing

  • $0 user per month for Free plan
  • $198 /user per month for the Standard plan billed annualy
  • Contact sales for a Custom plan

Acuity Scheduling

While not a full-fledged CRM, Acuity Scheduling is a popular appointment scheduling tool among solo service professionals and small service businesses on a budget.

Best Features

  • Online self-service appointment booking
  • Email marketing/text reminders and notifications
  • Client intake forms and questionnaires
  • Basic reporting on appointments and sales
  • Google Calendar, Office 365 integrations


  • Very limited CRM and operational management capabilities
  • No scheduling optimization or routing tools
  • Lacks robust invoicing, accounting and business analytics

Acuity Scheduling Pricing

  • $16 per month Save 20% annually for the Emerging plan
  • $27 per month Save 20% annually for the Growing plan
  • $49 per month Save 20% annually for the Powerhouse plan
  • Contact sales for an enterprise custom plan


Joblogic is a cloud-based field service management software designed for service contractors like HVAC, plumbing, electrical and more. It provides scheduling, dispatch, invoicing and other key operational tools.

Best Features

  • Optimized routing and dispatch capabilities
  • Customer portal for viewing scheduled jobs
  • QuickBooks integration for accounting/invoicing
  • Equipment tracking and maintenance management
  • Mobile apps for technicians in the field


  • More limited marketing/sales capabilities
  • Reporting and analytics tools could be improved
  • Can have a steeper learning curve initially

Joblogic Pricing

  • Basic plan £ 39 Billed annually per user – per month
  • Premium plan £ 49 Billed annually per user – per month
  • Contact sales for an enterprise custom plan


mHelpDesk is a field service CRM solution built specifically for mobile service industries such as IT services, equipment maintenance, facilities management and more.

Best Features:

  • Work order management and automated scheduling
  • Mobile app with online/offline job tracking
  • Customer self-service portal and knowledge base
  • Asset management and preventative maintenance
  • QuickBooks integration for invoicing/payments


  • More technical setup compared to plug-and-play options
  • Limited customization capabilities
  • Not tailored for residential service businesses

mHelpDesk Pricing

mHelpDesk has not listed its pring on their website. However, According to GetApp, mHelpDesk has the following pricing plans:

  • Starting from: $169.00/month
  • Pricing model: Subscription, Open Source
  • Free Trial: Available


Zapier isn’t a standalone CRM, but rather an automation platform that can connect and integrate data between over 5,000 apps like CRMs, schedulers, invoicing tools and more.

Best Features:

  • Integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho
  • Automates workflows and processes across tools
  • Triggers actions based on schedule or events
  • Syncs data bi-directionally to eliminate redundant entry
  • Affordable for teams with straightforward needs


  • Not an all-in-one CRM solution in itself
  • More complex workflows can get costly
  • Requires some technical skills to set up automations

Zapier Pricing

  • Free plan $0 USD/mo Free forever
  • Professional plan $19.99 USD/mo Billed annually
  • Team plan $69 USD/mo Billed annually
  • Contact sales for Enterprise plan


As a service provider, implementing the right CRM software is one of the most important investments you can make for the efficiency and growth of your business. The best CRMs for service companies provide key capabilities like scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, mobile workforce management and robust reporting all in one centralized platform.

While there are many quality options on the market, some standout CRM solutions in 2024 include Housecall Pro, Jobber, ServiceTitan, Salesforce Field Service, Kickserv, Workiz and Joblogic among others. Each has its own unique strengths when it comes to meeting the distinct needs of service-based businesses.

Smaller companies or solo operators may find more lightweight CRMs like Acuity Scheduling or automation tools like Zapier to be the most cost-effective solution. Larger service organizations with more complex needs will likely require the advanced capabilities of platforms like ServiceTitan or Salesforce’s offering.

No matter which CRM you choose, the key is selecting one that has the right combination of features for your company’s size, service niche, and growth goals. Taking the time to properly implement the software and train your team is also critical for ensuring high adoption rates and return on your investment.

With so many quality CRM options for service providers available in 2024, there’s no excuse for running an inefficient, disorganized operation any longer. The right CRM will streamline your operations, improve customer experiences, provide valuable insights, and ultimately drive more revenue and profit for your business.


What is a CRM for service providers? 

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for service providers is a software solution that helps manage customer information, schedule jobs, invoice clients, track employee time, and handle other operational tasks specific to service-based businesses.

How much do CRM solutions for service providers typically cost? 

CRM pricing varies widely depending on the provider and features. Basic plans can start as low as $16 per month (Acuity Scheduling), while more comprehensive solutions like ServiceTitan can cost $125 per technician per month. Many providers offer tiered pricing based on the number of users and features needed.

Can I use a CRM on mobile devices? 

Yes, most modern CRM solutions for service providers offer mobile apps. This allows technicians to access job information, update statuses, and manage tasks while in the field.

What are some key features to look for in a CRM for service providers? 

Important features include job scheduling and dispatch capabilities, mobile apps, invoice and payment processing, customer communication tools, GPS tracking, and reporting and analytics functionalities.

Is it difficult to implement a new CRM system? 

The difficulty of implementation can vary depending on the complexity of the CRM and the size of your business. Some solutions are designed to be user-friendly and quick to set up, while others may require more extensive training and configuration. Many providers offer support and training to help with the implementation process.